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Your input is needed on what the new high school should be named. This initial survey is to gather ideas and based on the response, another survey will ask you to pick your favorites. Results will be given to decision makers to help guide the choice.

MNPS's school naming policy states school shall be named for:

  • The area or community in which the school is located;
  • The street on which the school is located or a street bordering the school, if that street is well known in the community;
  • Recognized state or local leaders who have made an outstanding contribution to Nashville's public education or to the progress of the city of Nashville through their community or civic actions. The person's "principal legacy" (i.e. the key activity, advocacy, or accomplishment for which the person is most known) must align with or reflect the MNPS mission, vision, and core values and beliefs. To name a school for a living person, the living person's actions, career, or principal legacy must be peerless, extraordinarily exceptional, and generally recognized as being of substantial historic significance to Nashville's history. A school may be named for a living person only after a separate and specific vote of the board that recognizes and attests the person has rendered exemplary service to Nashville's public education or to the progress of the city of Nashville, and that they are worthy of this honor.

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What's Going On

A new, state-of-the-art high school is being built on Highway 70S off I-40 in Nashville. The school will replace Hillwood High School, a 68-year-old building that is located far from the student population.

The yet-to-be-named school is scheduled to open for the 2023-2024 school year.

Where It Stands

The $120 million school is under construction on a 273-acre campus. Ground was broken on the building in May 2021.

What's Being Built

Here's a video tour of the new school: